The secret to conquering Chem 32 is to do problems. Don't study by reading; jump right in and start practicing, only consulting texts when you don't understand one of the problems. When you do consult a text, skim through it quickly. Stop reading as soon as you find the information you need and get back to the problems. Do not get side-tracked by other important-looking concepts in the text. If a concept doesn't show up in the problems here, it is extremely unlikely that it will show up on an exam.

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This manual was put together by Kalee Gregory. Many of the practice problems were adapted from ones that appeared on past Chem 32 exams written by Professors Dick Zare and Jim Collman. Some of the 1999 Chem 32 TA's, Elena Franklin, David Walthall, and Joel Kimmel have contributed their suggestions, corrections, improvements, and ideas.